Colorado Trip 2010 – Buena Visa Area

Old Monarch Pass

Now that I am back from Colorado, it is time to post some of the images taken with my Canon S90. There are only 180 of them, which ate about 2.3GiB of space on my SD card—it looks like I did not need that second 4GiB card that I brought with. This is less than I took last year, which was again, down from the year before.

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Web Trends That Need to Die

Since the beginning of ‘intelligent’ life on Earth, there have been fads. And, as with all things, all fads come to an end. Sometimes, it’s better to cause a fad’s untimely demise rather than let it run its course. Here are two trends on websites that I keep seeing that really need to die.

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(Web) Standards: Apple is Doing it Wrong

Standards are not about vendor lock in (or in the case of Apple, vendor lock out), they are about interoperability. Apple’s recent HTML5 showcase, more appropriately named Safari Showcase, reveals Apple does not understand standards. Locking out browsers, as Apple does in their showcase, is not a best practice or in any W3C specification. Apple’s quest against Adobe and flash is not noble—don’t get me wrong, I hate flash. They are not embracing standards, they are embracing something they can control.

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Quick Tip: Windows 7 Doesn’t Like Looking into the Future

Over the last week or so, my Windows 7 desktop has intermittently had problems connecting to atomtux. While accessing atomtux via Firefox worked, the Windows file sharing component refused to connect. Occasionally, performing a system restore would fix the issue. However, sometimes it did not help. After a little searching, it looks like the problem was that atomtux’s clock was ahead of my desktop’s (by about 10 minutes). After getting my desktop’s clock back on track (it was falling behind as atomtux synchronizes daily) it once again could access network shares from atomtux.

The moral of the story, if Windows won’t connect to a network share, check your clocks.

-John Havlik

[end of transmission, stay tuned]