Using the Widget

Since version 3.0.0, Breadcrumb NavXT has shipped with a built in WordPress sidebar widget. In Breadcrumb NavXT version 3.5.0 the included widget was rewritten and is multi instance capable. The widget allows you to place a breadcrumb trail in your theme without touching any of your theme’s files. Since Breadcrumb NavXT has a two different display functions (bcn_display() and bcn_display_list()), along with three input variables for these functions ($return, $linked, $reverse), the widget has a few settings available to the user.

Currently, the following settings are available:

  • A field to enter a title for the output widget, this works just like the title on any other widget.
  • Whether to output the trail as a list or not. If checked, the output trail will be placed in an unordered list, with each breadcrumb belonging to its own list element.
  • Whether to link the breadcrumbs or not. If checked (default), each of the breadcrumbs in the breadcrumb trail will have a hyperlink.
  • Whether to reverse the order of the trail or not. If checked, the breadcrumb trail will be output in reverse order (the leftmost breadcrumb (or first breadcrumb in a list output) will be the breadcrumb for current page).
  • Whether to hide the trail on the front page or not. If checked, the breadcrumb trail for the front page of your site will not be displayed (e.g. when is_front_page() evaluates to true).

The widget still uses the settings values specified in the Breadcrumb NavXT settings page to define its behavior while filling the breadcrumb trail.