Mtekk Iframe-B-Gone

Seems that the events of early last month did not stop. More and more WordPress users are having issues with malicious iframes being inserted into their blogs. Until now, there were no automated detection and removal tools. Iframe-B-Gone, it’s quick, it’s dirty, but it should do the trick. I’ll get a build up sometime this upcoming weekend, after Beta 3 of Breadcrumb NavXT.

What to expect from Iframe-B-Gone:

  • Scanning of the wp-posts and other WordPress database tables for Iframes.
  • Support for regular expressions for custom “evil” tag detection.
  • Notification of locations and option to not delete selected “results”.

Note that fixing hacked themes is beyond the scope of this plug-in, for that manual searching and removal is necessary, and those familiar with a the terminal shouldn’t have a difficult time figuring out the quick way of searching for stings in files contained within a folder.

-John Havlik

[end of transmission, stay tuned]