Stupid Phishers, I’m No Idiot

Today someone claiming to be part of the Chase-Security Support Service sent me an e-mail claiming that they ‘discovered’ recent activity on my account and that I had to log-in to my Chase Online account to resolve the issue. Funny how they ‘knew’ that I ‘have’ a Chase card, which I don’t.

Hovering over the hyperlink, which they tried to discreetly insert a bit of cover code so the average moron would think it was valid, but instead of going to or some related URL the hyper link pointed to some adsl-numbers link and then the cover… Knowing that this was definitely a scam, which Thunderbird warned of, I clicked the link. Firefox displayed the address as with additional variable passing in the address, defiantly a scam. I tried the https version, and got an access forbidden.

I have taken the liberty of contacting JPMorgan Chase, notifying them of this scammer, which wants your name, credit card number, mother’s name, social security number, and CVV2. After collecting this information, which I provided fake information such as 123 12 1234 for the social security number, and [Expletive] You Scammer as my ‘name’, I was sent to Chase’s real website, which is not entire secure as it redirects https traffic to its http server.

-John Havlik

[end of transmission, stay tuned]