First Annual CSS Naked Day

Spreading awareness of web standards is the goal of CSS Naked Day, a day in which webmasters and bloggers remove all CSS styling from their website and blogs, leaving the xHtml ‘naked’. In his blog Dustin Diaz announced that he wants April 5, 2006, that’s this Wednesday, to be the first annual CSS naked day.

That’s right, I’m starting the first annual CSS Naked Day. In the spirit of promoting Web Standards along with good semantic markup and proper hierarchy structures, April 5th will be a day of nakedness for all webmasters to remove their style sheets from their website for one day. Signing up is not required, just simply comment in this thread with a link to your website and let everyone else know that you’re participating.

Over at Digg some people are having hard times reading the actual article, so I quoted Dustin’s first paragraph.

Dustin is recommending that anyone who participates includes some html that he wrote that explains the disappearance of styling and a link to the CSS naked page.

I will be participating, will you?

Here is the link: Dustin Diaz’s Article

-John Havlik

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