Not Again

Sorry I blew it this year, due to the school work load I 100% forgot that today is the second annual CSS Naked Day. It took browsing a blog and seeing that its CSS was missing but it was not facing the effects of Digg, and it dawned on me. The other too bad thing is that this blog has had the same skin for over a year now, it is time for change. But change takes time, especially when you are building a theme platform (inspired by K2, but it is not K2) from the ground up. That is all I’ll leak about one of my many projects, and I’ll leave you with a verbatim copy of my CSS Naked Day post from last year:

For a full 48 hours, while somewhere on earth it’s April 5th this blog will be separated from its lovely CSS file. This is about standards, not retarded Digg users, along with some ignorant Newsvine users. This day is to educate those web developers that don’t write code to conform to standards, which is a bad thing. Don’t even think about starting an AJAX/Web 2.0 project if you don’t plan on using web standards, otherwise bad things will happen.

Here is the link: CSS Naked Day

-John Havlik

[end of transmission, stay tuned]