It’s About Time ATI/AMD

It sounds like AMD will follow Intel’s lead in opening up their graphics processors for open source driver development. Today they released full specifications, no strings attached (in the form of NDAs that is). This comes after last week’s announcement that the new fglrx will offer a major improvement in performance for Linux users. As my computer has a obsolete Radeon 9600, I await the day when running Compiz Fusion is possible without the use of that ugly beast known as XGL. That date is set for October should I decide to stick with the fglrx driver. Hopefully by Christmas the open-source driver will be a truly viable option (I spent three days trying to get it to work with my 9600 with no luck).

On a side note, I received over a terabyte worth of hard drives plus other computer components. This time a good portion of the drives are 7200 RPM, and I now have a back-up motherboard (exact same model as my current). Ideally, I’ll add a 250GB hard drive to mtekktux to supplement it’s 80GB drive to turn it into a media and print server. Then I’ll replace my 160GB 5400 RPM hard drive with a 250 GB 7200RPM one for my XP drive, that should shorten the load times for maps in 2142.

-John Havlik

[end of transmission, stay tuned]

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2 thoughts on “It’s About Time ATI/AMD

  1. Sweet action on the hard drives.

    I didn’t know you played BF2142! Did you ever play BF2? I played some BF2 back in the day with with my friend“>Jesse. Good times.

    Now it is SC with my buddy Kevin and I’m pretty excited about SC2 when it finallt arrives :-)

    What are your thoughts on TF2?

  2. Never had BF2, wanted to get it, but then 2142 came out, and last Black Friday it was on sale for half off at BestBuy so I bought it and prayed that my machine could run it. Team Fortress 2, I have TF1 but never played it, if it is easy to get working in Wine, or there is a Linux native binary then I’d buy it, just like I’ll get the new UT.

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