RIP Mtekktux

Well, last night the local file server and development testbed had a hard drive failure. Like always, one did not keep good backups of its data, and may have lost some semi important code. Mtekktux was slated for retirement this summer, had one completed the summer project. The funny thing is, it wasn’t the actual hard drive that died this time, it was due to an unexpected loss of power while performing a disk check. Tonight, the process of data recovery of the Ext3 partition will probably begin. Depending on how that goes, this weekend may see some development work on Breadcrumb NavXT take place.

The real downer is that Mtekktux was one’s local WordPress testbed. With it down, testing of Breadcrumb NavXT must be done on this blog. Due to this, the release of 3.4.0 will be pushed off until at least the 26th of October.

-John Havlik

[end of transmission, stay tuned]

2 thoughts on “RIP Mtekktux

    • Yeah, I was going to start that last night, but ended staying up until 12:30am doing homework. Then, I was going to start it tonight, but alas I’m still doing homework :(.

      -John Havlik

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