Some Things Work

This XML-RPC coding and debugging is a real pain. From investigation, one has learned that the script only works when called from a file under the main directory of a domain, or subdomain. That means,,, and others will work if the script is called from the index.php, while something like, or refuses to work. In refusing to work, the debugging script sends an XML-RPC ping, but receives no response what-so-ever from the server. So to test the script manipulation of the index.php file must occur to collect data, and then revert it back to view the site.

Speaking of things, in our discussion group for the History of Rock on Friday, we received our music observations essays back. Our TA then made comments on the generally seen problems in the essays, and then came what has to be the quote of the day. “…I like things, stuff and shit, but my things, stuff and shit are probably different than your things, stuff, and shit…” The moral of the quote is that one shouldn’t use the words things, stuff and shit in a paper, no matter how informal the paper is. One’s paper had no problems with this, but obviously others did.

-John Havlik

[end of transmission, stay tuned]