Absence and Upcoming Events

There is a fresh guide in queue, ready for review and then release. It’s related to image dimensions and PHP. Originally, it was to be released yesterday, however it depends on some elements that need styling. It will be out some time this week.

Almost two years have come and passed since I originally created Cran-Berry, and it has grown stale. There are two potential replacements, both have been mocked up. One is more of a grunge theme (similar to the Cran-Berry 2 Mockup 1).  The other is more of a natural progression from the current Cran-Berry. The biggest changes to note are a slight narrowing of the over all page size, a change in the navigation setup, wider article space, taller footer, and some tweaks to make the site more navigable in mobile browsers (on the Motorola Droid). Currently, the plan is to update on April 23rd, the 5 year anniversary of this blog on Weblogs.us.

There is also a new plugin in the works. It is already written, and in initial user testing. Unlike WP Trainer, which has barely seen the light of day, this plugin will be released as public beta in April.

Breadcrumb NavXT will receive an update in either April or May. At the moment, I need people to test out the SVN trunk. It contains a vastly rewritten settings page (doesn’t look different, but the code behind it is). Currently, the bcn_breadcrumb_trail class is more or less the same as in 3.4.1. So there is some work still left to do. Finally, if you are using the WP SVN trunk, you’ll need to use the Breadcrumb NavXT SVN trunk, it contains some minor fixes to reflect changes in the WP API in 3.0.

-John Havlik

[end of transmission, stay tuned]

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