Water and Socks


Cold, heavy, squishy, slippery, wet, replenishing, and refreshing water is a runner’s friend and foe. It is a vital friend after a race or long run. During the hottest of days it’s the friend that helps one keep running. On the coldest days it helps keep a runner healthy and warm. Yet during a race water can be a runner’s greatest foe. Falling from the sky in various forms cooling a runner past comfort, adding the burden of more weight to increasing fatigue. Water collecting in the low lands on the course creates another obstacle for the runner to overcome.


Warm, dry, light, wicking, tight, comfortable and cool socks are essential tools for any successful runner. For a runner socks are the first defense against Mother Nature’s wrath. On the hottest days of the summer they keep one’s feet cool, and on the coldest days of the fall and winter they keep one’s feet warm. During the wettest of days socks keep a runner’s feet dry. They tightly cradle one’s foot reducing the chance for the development of blisters and enhancing comfort while racing.

-John Havlik

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  1. It was raining here yesterday and I was affraid that i would have to walk home from school in the rain, but, thankfully, I got a ride. I would hate to have to run in it though.

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