Wood Hard Drive External Case Mod

A project log using the WordPress 2.5 gallery features for a external hard drive case made out of maple, which happened to be left over trimming from the remodeling of our house. Eventually it will be stained to the same color as the trim. Note that I had wanted to post this sooner, but the WordPress flash uploader was broken. Some how it magically broke more, allowing the old uploader to show up.

-John Havlik

6 thoughts on “Wood Hard Drive External Case Mod

  1. I haven’t completed the mod yet, it’s one of the many things cluttering up my desk. I’ll be working on it tomorrow, no camera though as it’s still with my brother on a trip. I need to find the stain that was used on the trim in the house, wonder where the extra stuff went…

    I was kind of waiting until we were done unpacking stuff from the workshop basement room (the basement of the addition to the kitchen) so that I could use the scroll saw that’s down there. I intend to use it for the main outline trimming that needs to be done, major rounding will be done with the dremel.

    As for heat, I’m not terribly concerned about it, it is a laptop hard drive (they seem to run pretty cool). Specifically, it’s a WesternDigital Scorpio, which run very cool. Additionally, the bottom is going to be .090″ 5052 Aluminum sheet (I have it cut, and pictures, just didn’t upload them yet), that should provide some cooling capacity.

    Really, this projects is a test one of sorts, I salvaged a ton of maple trim and hickory floor boards from the scraps. Along with the aluminum I plan on making a computer case as well.

    -John Havlik

    • Well, yes and no. I’ve made three other posts covering the rest of the work on the project (see the sidebar’s “Related Posts”) but I robbed the hard drive from in it for temporary use in a different project. Eventually, I’ll get it all put back together, or may scrap the current one and have another go at it with better working equipment (the uneven removal of wood was due to problems with our mill that were fixed after a good day of cleaning and adjusting it).

      -John Havlik

    • Laptop hard drives, especially 5400RPM drives, do not generate enough heat to cause problems. The backing place for the hard drive is thick aluminum so it can dissipate some heat as well. I don’t use the drive enough to let it get warm. And, at the moment it is not even in the wood enclosure as I have it as the main drive in a media center setup to test other hardware.

      -John Havlik

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