Disabling Breadcrumb NavXT’s REST API

One of the new features in Breadcrumb NavXT 6.1.0 is the introduction of several REST API endpoints. These endpoints allow for the retrieval of Schema.org BreadcrumbList compliant JSON-LD formatted breadcrumb trails for posts, terms, and author archives. This quick guide presents an example of how to disable the Breadcrumb NavXT REST API.

Given that not all sites want or need REST API access to breadcrumb trails, Breadcrumb NavXT 6.1.0 also allows its REST API to be completely disabled. This is accomplished through setting the BCN_DISABLE_REST_API named constant.

The Code

define('BCN_DISABLE_REST_API', true);

Placing the above code into wp-config.php will disable the Breadcrumb NavXT REST API for that WordPress install. It is as simple as that.

-John Havlik

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