Force Feedback with the Logitech WingMan RumblePad and Windows 7

Since Windows XP, Microsoft has provided a generic driver for the Logitech WingMan RumblePad. This eliminated the need to install Logitech’s software to use the gamepad. Generally, one looks favorably upon such things. However, this driver has always lacked support for force feedback. While the WingMan may be a DirectInput force feedback device in a world moving towards the XInput force feedback model, many games still use DirectInput force feedback.

While Logitech does not provide a standalone driver for the WingMan, it does include a DirectInput force feedback driver for the WingMan in its Logitech Gaming Software. To download LGS, go to Logitech’s website and click support. In the search form enter “G-UA4” (the model number for the closest device to the WingMan RumblePad). Under the downloads tab, select Windows Vista as your OS, then select Logitech Gaming Software from the download dropdown. Install Logitech Gaming Software and your WingMan should now have working force feedback.

-John Havlik

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One thought on “Force Feedback with the Logitech WingMan RumblePad and Windows 7

  1. Hi,

    I’ve tried to follow your instructions but the force feedback still not work, while the gamepad works.
    There is something else I can try?


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