Avoid WP Sand Box and HQ Sand Box

It is sad that the first post for 2012 is exposing a spammer and security flaw, but it must be done. Today’s lesson in poor Internet etiquette and poor security awareness is WordPress.org user robinruet, promoter of Invenesys’ WP Sand Box plugin. Around the turn of the new year, robinruet went through the WordPress.org forums and replied to several support topics with the same post promoting the WP Sand Box plugin. These posts were all off topic, and on several occasions robinruet somehow managed to set the issue as resolved. The good news is his posts were deleted, along with his two plugins.

But, this post isn’t about the robinruet, who is an interesting character, and possibly a hacked account (it started spamming a Google +1 click jacking plugin). This is about WP Sand Box and why you should not use it.

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