WordUp Minneapolis 2013

Beginning in 2012, the Minneapolis/St. Paul WordPress community has put on a self organized, unconference centered around WordPress in the fall. This acts as a supplementary event to WordCamp Minneapolis, which will now be a yearly event in the spring (keep your calendars open for the last weekend in April 2014). A big thanks to Toby and Barbara for leading the organization effort for this. These are my pictures from the event.
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WordUp Minneapolis 2013 Slides

Unlike last year, where I was unable to attend WordUp Minneapolis. This year I prepared and lead a discussion titled “Tag Team WordPress Security”. Originally, this talk was to be presented with another person. However, due to uncontrollable circumstances (life gets busy), I was left as the only presenter for the talk. The talk covered several topics from basic security practices to how to spot malicious code, and many things in-between.

Unlike previous talks, rather than struggling with PowerPoint (and clones) for making the slides, I moved to a WordPress based presentation tool. Thanks to this, you can visit slides.mtekk.us to view the slides from my presentation. Currently, this site only displays the “Tag Team WordPress Security” slide deck. However, all of my future slide decks will appear there.

-John Havlik

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