We’re Back (Again)

After a brief absence due a hardware failure, Weblogs.us is back. A slue of new hardware accompanies the return. From this time forward service outages should be rare (unless someone gets Dugg).

JD installed a new 8 core Woodcrest server with 8GiB ram for the new Apache/PHP/file server, and the SQL server was replaced as well. Since some nasty traffic was making it to the old Apache server, a dedicated hardware firewall was installed a good thing all around as the bad traffic was at times taking up to half of the network activity. Look forward to some more interesting updates here as some projects wrap up and the semester winds down.

One final thing, Happy Birthday James (jmweirick)! (This may be off by a day or so)

-John Havlik

[end of transmission, stay tuned]

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3 thoughts on “We’re Back (Again)

  1. Nice summary John!

    I’m glad you let me know whassup. I converted the extensions to lowercase those PHP files :-)

    I *REALLY* love the speediness of the site now!

    We’ll have to get your awesome frontpage back up now.

  2. Yeah things are back to the speed of two years ago when my blog was created :). The front page could probably come back, but I think it would be best to work out any bugs first and do a little clean up of abandoned accounts before allowing sign ups. I’ll send you the partially complete list that I’ve assembled of known abandoned accounts. Oh yeah, the e-mail notifications are not working, that’s why I didn’t catch that you made a comment :).

    Also I was thinking about how I’ve used the Chaska track site as a testbed for improvements, since track has begun again, and I think they track coaches would like to use it again, I should be moving off the testbed files. It would be nice if there was something like beta.weblogs.us or testing.weblogs.us to use specifically for a testbed of the frontpage as improvements are made, etc. I know I will have some time in May to do some major recoding of Testimonials and finish up the listings/recently updated sections.

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