Breadcrumb NavXT and WordPress 2.5

A new version of WordPress is coming, and some big changes are in store for the administrative interface. This change makes some formerly good looking administrative interfaces look out of place in 2.5. On my testbed I installed the latest SVN version of WordPres, as of Sunday at 2:00PM CDT. Then I proceeded to test the latest trunk build of Breadcrumb NavXT. Beyond a doubt, everything works as it did in 2.0.0. Some things that were fixed in 2.0.2 have regressed, specifically on install no settings get set. I then went on testing Tom’s modified Administrative interface that he made look good in 2.5. The good news is that I can reproduce the odd bcn_security() can not be redefined error. The bad news is that I get that error. I’m not exactly sure how I got it to happen, but it may have to do with not disabling Breadcrumb NavXT and changing it’s files. Known things that won’t resolve the issue include:

  1. Regressing to the old file.
  2. Restarting Apache/MySQL.
  3. Commenting out the “bad” code.

I’m going to get phpMyAdmin up and running this evening and hopefully see if WordPress is doing any caching of the code or not in SQL (I hope they aren’t). Restarting Apache should have cleared any code cache PHP would have setup, but I’ll do a grep for the code to see if it’s still magically hidden somewhere. Oddly enough the plug-in is seen by WordPress as activated, and going to the administration panel for it yields the first section (fieldset) and a half of options. However these are from the old code that no longer resides on the server. What’s also odd is that PHP claims that the function is defined at the opening brace and then complains that I tried to redefine it at the closing brace.

-John Havlik

[end of transmission, stay tuned]