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The previously mentioned problem with attachment posts is related to a permalink bug in WordPress. Permalinks containing categories (e.g., /archives/%category%/%postname%/) will pose problems for any attachment posts. This is due to the fact WordPress does not allow category management for these posts and thus they end up in the uncategorized category. If this category is not the primary category of the parent post, then the resulting permalink will break. A fix may already exist for 2.2. Regardless, I’ll keep digging into this so that 2.3 will not contain this problem.

-John Havlik

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5 thoughts on “Permalink Problem

  1. I’ve been using wordpress 2.2 and the permalink for /%category%/%postname% works fine but when I update to 2.3 nothing seems to work except the default with ?p=postid. If you can help me out i’ll be very thankful.

  2. Go to Options>Permalinks in the administration menu, and then if you want /%category%/%postname% then place that into the “custom structure” box and make sure that bullet point is selected. Then press the “Update permalink structure” button. That should set your permalink structure. You need apache’s mod_rewrite or compatible to get this to work, and wordpress/apache needs to be able to write to the root folder of your website.

  3. I did that. But it comes back 404 error. Page not found on server. I have my mod_rewrite enabled. I host my own website so everything is enabled but it’s not working. Before I upgraded to 2.3 it was working but I don’t know what happen.

  4. When I speak of making sure mod_rewrite is enabled, I also mean make sure allowoverride is set. It took me a while to figure that out the first time, but it is part of enabling mod_rewrite. ;)

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