A New Settings Page

The most noticeable change in the next version of Breadcrumb NavXT (4.2.0) will be the reorganized settings page (preview screen shot above). Since the introduction and subsequent inclusion of tabular (the code that gives the settings page its tabs), each custom taxonomy and post type has had it’s own tab. This will no longer be the case where there are just 4 tabs, “General”, “Post Types”, “Taxonomies”, and “Miscellaneous”.

This reorganization, while causing the content per a tab to be greater, keeps the tab list from growing with every new custom post type and taxonomy added to a site. Additionally, it allows greater distinction between settings for custom taxonomies and custom post types. Previously, there were instances where CPTs and custom taxonomies had the same name in their tabs and it was not clear which was which without entering that tab.

Keep tabs on Breadcrumb NavXT 4.2.0 development over at GitHub.

-John Havlik

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