Breadcrumb Navigation XT Bug Fix

Some users, while trying to use the new administration system for Breadcrumb Navigation XT, had problems with the breadcrumb displaying. These users happen to be running PHP4. Since both my development environment and my web server run versions of PHP5, it is not a simple task of maintaining full PHP4 compatibility. In order to regain PHP4 compatibility version 1.9.2 was released today with a fix which is both in bad style and potentially dangerous. I am seeking a more elegant solution but until then this will have to do. Beginning with Breadcrumb Navigation XT 2.0.0, the way the Administration interface is handled will change and will eliminate the current problem.

-John Havlik

[end of transmission, stay tuned]

One thought on “Breadcrumb Navigation XT Bug Fix

  1. Hi John! I was one of the ones that this fix helped, so thanks!

    I read several of your posts here, some are quite interesting. I then looked for your about me page and did not find it. So… as explained in a post on my site on 8-21-2007, I am “tagging” you. Feel free to ignore if you want, but I bet there are a bunch of visitors to your site that would enjoy reading it. If you do it, post a comment in the article on my site, including a link to your post on your site, so my readers can follow it to check you out.


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