Breadcrumb Navigation XT Version 1.9.0

Holy GUIs, Batman! Yep, the new Breadcrumb Navigation XT administration panel/GUI is finished and distributed with the new version. Other than the administration panel, some tweaks were made involving the behavior for attachment posts (which are broken for certain permalink structures until WordPress 2.4), search pages, and date archive pages. Attachment posts are properly supported and recognized as an attachment of a post instead of a post in the ‘uncategorized’ category. Now in search pages, the search terms are output into the breadcrumb along with a customizable prefix and suffix replacing the single title of previous versions. Date archive pages when the year, month, and day are specified now allow three of the most common wording orders: big endian (ISO standard), middle endian (common in the US), and little endian (common in Europe).

The next major version 2.0.0 will contain major changes and support for WordPress 2.3. It will not be released until a WordPress 2.3 preview release has been released. 2.0.0 will nearly be rewritten from the ground up to address some performance concerns I have about the current code. These mainly pertain to unnecessary redundant branch statements that require some major work to fix. Until then, do grab Breadcrumb NavXT from its project page.

-John Havlik

[end of transmission, stay tuned]

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