Breadcrumb NavXT 2.0 Beta

The beta is coming soon, very soon. I have a mostly functional version of the breadcrumb class working on my testbed, and tomorrow night I’ll get to work on the administration interface and creating the template for the language files. Then I’ll go back to tidying up loose ends in the class, and release a beta sometime tomorrow evening. So far, just about everything has been rewritten, and all custom wpdb queries were removed. This may cause a slight performance hit, but it should not be that big, unless the pages are very large, and this solves compatibility issues with some other plug-ins, namely the Polyglot plug-in. A the new hierarchical category system has been implemented, and there is now support for multi-paged searches, archives, and home pages. When the beta is released I will need testers that are willing to help debug the plug-in, as well as translators who are willing to write language files for the new administration interface.

Right now I need testers for:

  • Testing PHP4 compatibility (Even though I don’t officially support PHP4 anymore, I do try to keep things working in it)
  • Testing on blogs with various setups for static front pages, including the built in WordPress methods. It seems that the older versions still had bugs in regards to particular implementations of this, and it looked like the old code had some hacks that attempted to get things to work for static front pages. It’s time to get this working properly.
  • General testing, making sure options work as expected, etc.

Once the beta is out I request all bug reports be made in the post that it is announced in, this will keep the Breadcrumb NavXT page’s comment stream cleaner for once the plug-in is officially released.

-John Havlik

[end of transmission, stay tuned]