Breadcrumb NavXT 2.0.2

This is a quickish update based on the work of Tom Klingenberg and myself in fixing some deficiencies in the Administration interface. The administrative interface has been tweaked lightly, but not to the extent that will be present in 2.1. The multi-lingual system should work now, and a German translation has been included in the default distribution. As a heads up for anyone who has modified their Breadcrumb NavXT core file, the upcoming 2.1 may feature more drastic changes in the core as things are reorganized a bit. As always don’t rely heavily on modifications the anything in the api file as it is likely to change rapidly between versions.

-John Havlik

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2 thoughts on “Breadcrumb NavXT 2.0.2

  1. I am working on a site using the wp e-commerce plug in, but the breadcrumbs don’t follow. Do you have any plans to add support for this? Thanks, Mike.

  2. Michael,

    There are no plans to support the e-commerce plug-in as that plug-in is in a pretty poor code state right now, it seems to be no longer supported, and it currently does things in a very backwards way. In my opinion it needs a complete rewrite and needs to be separated in a more logical manner. You can modify e-commerce to use pages for products as it should instead of its method. I have done this for a client before, see Netrender sells nature themed textures (e.g., trees, flowers, etc.) intended for use in architectural renderings (e.g., props in a rendering for a building design proposal.). Look at how the products are organized. This was done by modifying e-commerce. When each product has it’s own page, then the breadcrumb automatically generates itself.

    I really have no desire to try looking at the e-commerce code again to figure out it’s database (again) in order to write custom queries to generate the breadcrumb. Mainly because the core plug-in is more or less stable and secure (the administrative interface isn’t as so right now), adding a bunch of custom queries into it plus the other tricks needed to pull off the desired effect could open up certain SQL injection vulnerabilities. If a client wanted me to do it, I may, however I would much rather just customize WP e-commerce for them.

    Sorry about not responding sooner, and sorry if I appear to come off as a tad rash. I still have nightmares about the e-commerce code, and since then have found worse situations. As a professor of mine says, the more you work with code the more brain damage you incur (he actually referred to assembly language for the PIC18F452, but it could be extended to other code).

    -John Havlik

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