Breadcrumb NavXT 2.1

Holy taxonomy options Batman! With Breadcrumb NavXT you can now have breadcrumbs delimit posts by either hierarchical categories or linear tags. Improvements were also made in the max title trimming for posts. The administrative interface was heavily tweaked, as was the bcn_security function, it should no longer produce errors. On API malfunctions, instructions are now provided on a known method of fixing the problem. Lastly, attachments to pages will now show the full page hierarchy leading up to them, in contrast to attachments to posts which only show the parent post name. Also, WordPress 2.5 is required for this version, it fixed some things and made other things easier to implement.

Just a note to users that directly access the bcn_breadcrumb class, the method of displaying things has changed from 2.0. The class was heavily reorganized, again, to allow it to be more modular. You must call the member function assemble() before calling display().

Find out more about the changes on the project page for Breadcrumb NavXT.

-John Havlik

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6 thoughts on “Breadcrumb NavXT 2.1

  1. Hi

    Thanks for the plugin… Works nicely :)
    The only problem I found is that if 404 error is generated, and you don’t use 404.php template page, breadcrums are not displayed.

  2. Ok, sorry for spamming your comments, but I wonder, is it possible to disable breadcrumb display on the home page via admin interface? Or using is_home() in template is only option?

  3. Pozmu,

    Right now there is no way of disabling it in the administrative interface for only on the home page. That may get added for 2.2. So for now using the is_home() check in the template is the easiest way of doing it right now.

    Don’t worry about the multiple comments. As long as they’re relevant I don’t care if there are multiple in a row, at least Spam Karma didn’t go apes over you. ;)

    -John Havlik

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