Breadcrumb NavXT 4.3.0

Holy incremental improvements Batman! Rather than one big new thing, this release has several tweaks that improve the overall plugin. Two new breadcrumb template tags were added, %ftitle% and %fhtitle%. These two tags are not affected by bcn_breadcrumb::trim() and are thus suitable for the title attribute in links when a max breadcrumb length is set. Support for the Theme Hook Alliance’s proposed tha_breadcrumb_navigation filter was added.

The Home and Main site titles were removed as they were redundant. While doing this, now the %title% and %htitle% tags return the “Site Title” for the home breadcrumb and “Network Name” for the mainsite breadcrumb. This should make multisite installs a little more manageable until the network admin is available.

As a security precaution, all settings that accept HTML now are passed through wp_kses. A reasonable set of accepted HTML tags were added, if you run into an issue where a tag or attribute you were using is being stripped, please report it in the comments section below.

Finally, several bugs were fixed. Loading of translated default settings now works again. And, some tweaks to the tabs in the settings page were made to improve the look and feel in WordPress 3.5.

The Translation Team:


As always, you can grab the latest version of Breadcrumb NavXT from the Breadcrumb NavXT page. If you experience any issues with this version of Breadcrumb NavXT, please leave a comment on this post detailing the issue.

-John Havlik

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11 thoughts on “Breadcrumb NavXT 4.3.0

  1. Зря удалили возможность редактирования, теперь бред полный. Я любил, когда можно было самому ставить, например “Главная”, А теперь будет только название сайта.

    • FYI, I don’t know Russian, so I have to rely on Google Translate to read your comment. Google’s translation is:

      DimaBerg: Knowingly removed the ability to edit is now complete nonsense. I like it when you can put yourself, such as “Home” and now will only site name.

      No functionality was removed from this version. The home and mainsite titles were redundant, you have the same functionality as before, just replace instances of %htitle% and %title% in the home breadcrumb and mainsite breadcrumb templates with what you would have had in the home and mainsite title options. That’s what I did on this site (see above I have “Home” as the reference to the main page instead of “mtekk’s crib”.

      -John Havlik

  2. I think your plugin is great, however I am having a little problem with it. I have deselected the box “Include the paged breadcrumb in the breadcrumb trail” then saved the settings and emptied my cache but the title of the current page / post is still showing in the breadcrumb trail. How can I resolve this? I want the current page / post title to not show in the breadcrumb trail. By comparison, deselecting the box “Place the home breadcrumb in the trail” works just perfectly.

    • I think you are mistaking what the paged breadcrumb is. The paged breadcrumb is only displayed on the second to n page of a paged post/page or archive. What you are trying to do is remove the current item. There is no setting to do this as it is considered a very bad practice. However, if you really must remove the current item, please check the Breadcrumb NavXT FAQ, it’s covered there.

      -John Havlik

  3. Hallo
    I was wondering if there is the possibility to have a code like %htitle% or similar to have the WP-MENU navigation label as a text in the Breadcrumb trail maybe calling it something like %navtitle%
    it would be very nice and useful for readers of websites who are on a page because they clicked on a navigation label text… (page titles are often too long to be shown in a trail and menus)

    a step forward would be to have something like
    %navtitle% as the shown text and a meta title identical to the page title but hidden to readers…
    Thanks for any feedbacks
    I love your tool, with this additional feat it will be PERFECT!

    • efffetti,

      The obvious thing is to use concise and accurate titles verses very long titles. But alas, sometimes that still results in long titles. So, that being said, I can look into doing this (it will be at least a month before I’d get to work on it). Though, the last time I remember looking at how the menu system worked it was kind of a mess (not sure if it would be easy to extract the desired title from a page or not).

      -John Havlik

      • Thank you so much for digging into this!

        I am not an expert but presume WP Menus must have a unique way of referring to “menu label” which is what it should point the %xxxx%

        Obviously it might be very difficult doing so… :( sorry for the request

        fyi the reason why titles are sometimes long is because of SEO
        a page title in WP is also the meta title (despite what you can write in Yoast SEO tools or alike),
        thus if I leave a page titled i.e. just “Tuscany” Ilike in the WP nav menu) when the topic of the page is yes Tuscany but in the context of the whole site is about good food in Tuscany vs good food in Lombary I miss the opportunity to communicate correctly my title to google.. thi sis the only purpose…
        Thanks for helping again
        Take care

        • I noticed there was an update today … I am not sure if you could make the change we spoke about .. If so I cannot find the way to use it :)

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