Breadcrumb NavXT 5.6.0

Holy incremental improvements Batman! Breadcrumb NavXT 5.6.0 ships with two new features and two bug fixes. On the feature front, a fourth parameter was added to the two display functions. This parameter bypasses the internal breadcrumb caching mechanism. Additionally, in the settings page, the breadcrumb template settings are now multiple line text boxes. Previously, the default breadcrumb templates were getting quite long and hard to edit on a single line. This should make editing of the breadcrumb template easier.

Two bugs were squashed is this release. The first involved Breadcrumb NavXT inappropriately adding the blog breadcrumb into the breadcrumb trail for search result pages. The second bug previously allowed the blog breadcrumb options to be available in the settings page even when a Posts Page was not set.


As explained in the Breadcrumb NavXT Translations Moving to Language Packs article, Breadcrumb NavXT has moved away from shipping translations with the plugin. This is the first release to ship without any included translations, all translations are available via language packs, or from the Breadcrumb NavXT Translation Project.

If you would like to contribute to translating Breadcrumb NavXT, please visit the Breadcrumb NavXT Translation Project. A big thanks to all of the translators that have contributed to the translations in the past and continue to contribute.

As always, you can grab the latest version of Breadcrumb NavXT from the Breadcrumb NavXT page. If you experience any issues with this version of Breadcrumb NavXT, please leave a comment on this post detailing the issue.

-John Havlik

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3 thoughts on “Breadcrumb NavXT 5.6.0

  1. Hi John,

    I’m trying to do some changes in settings of your plugin but I get error 403 message:
    403 Forbidden

    A potentially unsafe operation has been detected in your request to this site.

    Any idea why?

    • This sounds like it could be a conflict with an overly aggressive ModSecurity rule. That said, the default settings for Breadcrumb NavXT should not trigger ModSecurity. You’ll need to work with your webhost to identify what exactly is causing it. Check your error logs, if it is ModSecurity you will see messages there regarding what rule triggered the 403.

      -John Havlik

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