Breadcrumb NavXT 6.6.0

Holy post type jumping Batman! This second feature release of 2020 changes how post type archives are handled when following a post parent hierarchy. Additionally, a bug introduced in 6.5.0 was fixed where an error that would be thrown in the WordPress dashboard if the administrator role does not exist.

Previously, if the post type changed while following the post parent hierarchy, the post type of the current item was used for the post type archive. In 6.6.0, this behavior changed to use the post type of the highest level post in the post parent hierarchy. The old behavior just didn’t make sense and causes problems with plugins that use multiple custom post types in the same hierarchy. A side benefit of the change is improved bbPress and BuddyPress support.

-John Havlik

4 thoughts on “Breadcrumb NavXT 6.6.0

  1. Hi,
    I get Breadcrumb NavXT throught Divi ecommerce pro child theme. I would like to setup a very simple thing but … I´m not really good CSS tailor man yet. I get the background in dark, so the font is also dark. How does change the font color to white?.
    Thanks a lot., Felix

    • Try adding .breadcrumbs{color:#fff;} to your (child) theme’s style.css. It should set the breadcrumb test to white. From there, use your web browser’s built in inspector to test CSS tweaks and then implement them in your style.css.

  2. Hello. Thank you so much for this great plugin.
    Just 3 questions, if you don’t mind…
    1) I am getting the breadcrumbs also on the footer and I can’t find a way to remove them. Is there a way to control them so they don’t appear on the footer?
    2) Is there a way to control the location of the breadcrumbs on the pages (i.e. below nav, above nav, etc.)?
    3) How can I change the background colour?
    Many thanks in advance.

    • #1) This depends on your theme. Unless your theme out-of-the-box supports Breadcrumb NavXT, or the theme hook alliance tha_breadcrumb_navigation filter, you have to call the breadcrumb trail using either bcn_display(), the included widget, or the included Gutenberg block. So, this isn’t something that Breadcrumb NavXT has any control over itself.
      #2) As with #1, this is something out of the scope of what Breadcrumb NavXT does. Controlling it’s location is the responsibility of the developer integrating it within a site.
      #3) Styling is achieved using CSS in your theme or child theme. Depending on how you call the breadcrumb trail, you may be able to target the .breadcrumbs class, an example of this is available in the documentation (

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