Breadcrumb NavXT and WP Lynx Previews

Breadcrumb NavXT has hit a feature freeze for 4.1.0. The only things left to do for the next release is some documentation updates, regression testing, and updating translations. Tomorrow the translation team will be notified of the two week window to get their translations updated (only 4 new strings) before 4.1.0 is released.

Try the latest Breadcrumb NavXT testing release from the Breadcrumb NavXT SVN Trunk.

WP Lynx has also hit a feature freeze for 0.5.0. Open Graph support has been added and all that is left to do is figure out the cause of a few ugly bugs that seem to only appear on my testbed. Additionally, one extra warning message needs to be added to the lynx print adding screen when thumbnails are disabled. See the WP-Lynx 0.5.0 milestone issue list.

Try the latest WP Lynx testing release from the WP Lynx SVN Trunk.

Expect the release of Breadcrumb NavXT 4.1.0 during the last week of May. As for WP Lynx 0.5.0, expect that some time in the first week of June.

-John Havlik

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