Breadcrumb NavXT Core Changes

Version 2.1 will contain some major changes to the internal structure of the breadcrumb data object. Most of the API is not changing, and the changes are transparent for users of the administrative interface. Those who directly access the breadcrumb class will need to make sure to call assemble(); before display();. Failure to do so will result in unexpected behavior. These changes should be taken note of if using the latest SVN build of Breadcrumb NavXT, as it will be updated almost daily until things are ready.

Once the currently known bugs are worked out, which for the most part they are, the next order of business is getting things working correctly for static front pages. Static front pages will be supported via only one method of implementation for the time being. That method involves using the built in WordPress triggers, setting a page named home and setting the appropriate options in the administration panel under Options > Reading.

Even though 2.0.3 should have fixed the little PHP warning, it seems to not have. Fear not, this has been fixed in the SVN trunk. The other bug, which reveals it’s hideous head when activating the plug-in may be fixed as well. The error no longer gets thrown on the testbed, and it had to do with using require_once(); or include();. If anyone still receives either of these errors with the testing build please report it.

As an aside, Attachment NavXT won’t be developed. Later this month I’ll release the old code, but with the release of WordPress 2.5 it is no longer needed. In WordPress 2.5 there are some gallery functions that work with attachments, which is exactly what Attachment NavXT does.

-John Havlik

[end of transmission, stay tuned]