Breadcrumb NavXT Multi Dimension Extensions 1.6.0

Previously, in the Vista-Like Breadcrumbs for WordPress guide, code was presented for recreating the breadcrumb style featured in Windows Vista and Windows 7. That code eventually was updated and placed into a plugin to ease implementation. In Breadcrumb NavXT 4.2 some internal changes were made that caused issues with the previous version of this plugin. Now, Breadcrumb NavXT Multi Dimension Extensions have been updated to work with Breadcrumb NavXT 4.2 and the forthcoming version 4.3 release.

Eventually, this and the rest of the Breadcrumb NavXT extensions plugins will make it into the official plugin repository so everyone will get update notifications. Until then, you’ll have to manually update (by first deleting and then re-installing).

Installation is quite easy:

  1. Download the Master branch zip archive from GitHub
  2. In your WordPress Dashboard navigate to the plugin uploader (Plugins > Add New > Upload)
  3. Upload the zip archive
  4. Activate and enjoy!

You can keep up with day to day development via the Breadcrumb NavXT Extensions’ GitHub Repository.

-John Havlik

[end of transmission, stay tuned]

2 thoughts on “Breadcrumb NavXT Multi Dimension Extensions 1.6.0

  1. Thank you!!! Exactly what I was looking for to make the “post parent” feature operational. You are a gentleman and a scholar, thanks again for creating this plugin.

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