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Want your breadcrumbs to show the tags your post is in, the latest development build of Breadcrumb NavXT will do that. To accommodate this new feature the settings API has been modified a bit to rename one option and three new ones were added. Naturally, hierarchical categories are the default setting, but if you’d rather use a flat scheme that can be done through tags. This is the only method to achieve displaying “multiple categories” that will be supported by Breadcrumb NavXT.

An additional note on the new breadcrumb class for 2.1. It will be possible to support breadcrumbs for pages that are dynamically generated by other plug-ins on existing WordPress pages. An example of such a page is the product pages created by e-commerce. This is due to a change in the class that has the breadcrumb generated separate of output. However, this does not mean I will be supporting these other plug-ins. The responsibility ultimately rests on the shoulders of the plug-in developers to support this. Note that the administrative interface will not work with this usage as the overriding plug-in will need to call and manipulate the class itself.

-John Havlik

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4 thoughts on “Choose Your Taxonomy

  1. Hello. I was wondering if you could assist me in a little problem I am having. It may be outside your purview to assist me in this but, I will try to explain as best I can.

    I have a website that will have deep levels of navigation, probably up to 5 or 6 levels deep in some instances. What I need to come up with is an idea to have have the navigation correctly show on the sub pages so that you can easily navigate the site but, without a whole page long sidebar that looks like a mess. (top-level page) (sub-level page) (sub-sub page)…/sub-sub-sub-sub-page/ (nth-sub page)

    The top level domain should have a submenu like this:

    – Overview (/about/)
    – Author
    – History
    – Features

    The sub-level page should just be:

    – Up One Level
    – Overview (about/features/)
    – Function One
    – Function Two
    – Function Three

    Successive pages should follow the similar format, what is the best way to implement a navigation structure like this?

  2. Ian,
    If you are talking about a navigation menu then there is a plug-in that may be of use to you. What you probably want to do is look into the WordPress Navigation Tool plug-in. It should allow you to do what desire navigation wise. Tom, who has helped me tremendously in improving the administrative interface for Breadcrumb NavXT did write a little plug-in for menus. Right now it isn’t powerful enough to suite your needs but it should be easy to modify.

    Right now I’m in a sort of conundrum Internet access wise. Thus, I may be a bit slow to replying to things for the next few weeks.

    -John Havlik

  3. Your recent updates for taxonomy with custom post types are bringing me much closer to the desired state. Can you say if the following is possible with Breadcrumb NavXT and how you would solve it if so?

    I have a landing page for my custom post type (photoGallery). A custom taxonomy (productTypes) shows the hierarchical “categories” on this page. The breadcrumb here shows Home > Photo Gallery which is desired.

    The taxonomy-productTypes.php template serves up a paginated view for all products in the “category”. The breadcrumb shows Home > Archives for [term] which I would like to be Home > Photo Gallery > [term].

    The single-photoGallery.php template serves up the single post type entry. The breadcrumb shows Home > [term] > [title] which is an improvement upon the WP default of Home > [title] – but would also like to have Home > Photo Gallery > [term] > [title].

    I’m going to explore doing a split on the Home href link to inject the photo Gallery link when page is_tax or is_single coming from the post type. But figured there might be a more practical method that you could suggest.

    I imagine the release of WP 3.1 with its’ true “archive” page for non-posts, such a code solution may not even be required.

    • Idealien: The taxonomy-productTypes.php template serves up a paginated view for all products in the “category”. The breadcrumb shows Home > Archives for [term] which I would like to be Home > Photo Gallery > [term].

      The next version, Breadcrumb NavXT 3.7.0, can do this, using the “Root Page” option. Currently, the anticipated release date is November 29, 2010. You can grab the SVN Trunk/development version and see if it works as you need.

      In general WordPress 3.1 will be better for those using custom post types akin to traditional posts. With the automated archive display, and better permalink structure improvements (will be allowed to have custom taxonomy terms in the permalink structure).

      -John Havlik

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