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Today, the birthday present from my parents arrived, a Garmin Forerunner 305. Someone on the track team, during my senior year, had one of the old 101s that weighed three times as much and are twice as big. But, despite its size it worked well. In fact, it worked well enough for the cross country coaches to purchase two 201s for the use of the team for keeping track of distances ran, instead of those running wheels. That’s where the idea to get it for me came from.

The 305 includes a heart rate monitor and records it along with time and other various stats during a workout. I have yet to try it out but tomorrow I’ll take it for a test run. Tonight, I charged it and installed the Garmin software, which defiantly feels lacking. What is good about it though is data exporting, and with that a WordPress plug-in will be made for keeping track of runs. Naturally, this won’t be available for some time, but it will be a free and powerful alternative to MotionBased.

WP Trainer will first work with the Forerunner series training GPS, but eventually support for the iPod + Nike setup, which is a really neat setup and defiantly less expensive as well. iPod + Nike has one drawback however, as it is not a GPS system, route tracking will have to be manually done by the user. With the Forerunner units, uploading the exported data should allow an auto generation of a path overlay on top of Google maps. Since I do not own a iPod or the Nike + iPod Sport Kit this setup will not be the emphasis of this plug-in (initially that is, I’m sure I’ll have access to the needed equipment when the time comes). More details will be revealed as I begin to implement things. This blog will be the test bed for this plug-in so if things get flaky that probably is the plug-in.

-John Havlik

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2 thoughts on “Introducing WP Trainer

  1. If I understand this correctly, you will be using a GPS fed unit to plot your runs on Google Maps and post them to this blog? This is fantastic. I didn’t even know such things existed.

    I’d really like to learn more about this. Any good references? What impresses me is the coordination with WordPress, which is a project that I love. (And of course, the content management system that we use to power all of the sections of American Daughter.)

  2. The only progress I’ve made on this plug-in right now is doing runs and collecting data, the plug-in will be created this summer. About all I’ve done so far beyond this is planning and basic algorithm design. This will make coding allot easier with the pre-planning I’ve done.

    Really anything related to WordPress development, WordPress Codex is the best resource. I’m banking on previous experience with PHP and XML to get it working. I have another project that I will be working on before WP Trainer gets any more time devoted to it. In reality I’ve been working on this other project (or setting up for it) the last four days so.

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