Monitor Logins 0.2.0

Introducing Monitor Logins, a simple plugin that allows you to monitor login attempts (successful and unsuccessful) made against your user account on your WordPress install. Failed attempts to login to user accounts cause email notices to be sent to that user. That is, if they have notifications enabled. Notifications are enabled on a per user basis, and are off by default.

Additionally, Monitor Logins will remember devices used to login with, should a device be “new” upon successful login a notice will be sent to the user. Devices are forgotten if they have not been seen for a few months. The last several successful logins are remembered and displayed in a list akin to what Gmail does. Only a user can view his/her own login activity.

I originally wrote this plugin to gain greater visibility into login attempts made against user accounts on this site almost a year ago (Way before the recent botnet dictionary attacks). Since then, it has been steadily refined to make it more suitable for a wider range of users. For those of you who attend the MSP WordPress meetups, this is the plugin I demoed during a lightning talk session in March.

More information is available on the Monitor Logins project page.

Download Monitor Logins 0.2.0 from Git Hub.

-John Havlik

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