Next Breadcrumb NavXT

A week and a day a go Breadcrumb NavXT 2.1 was released. So far only one new bug has appeared. This happens for users of PHP4, and an upcoming bug fix release, 2.1.1 will contain a fix for that. What’s in store for Breadcrumb NavXT 2.2? Officially, there is one big thing that should be implemented in it. That is support for paged pages/posts/archives/searches/etc. Currently, basic framework exists for supporting these pages, and even an option to enable rudimentary support which was added in 2.0. Full support for these page types needs to be implemented, which is the last “unconquered” frontier. A widget plug-in will also make it to 2.2. I’m setting the intended release of 2.2 to be sometime this summer, think around July. In 2.2 there will be some additional changes to the core plug-in as things are better organized and modularized within it.

The reason for placing the release of 2.2 in July is so that it allows some time for additional bugs to be caught and fixed along with allowing time to complete the documentation. If everything goes as planned, the documentation for Breadcrumb NavXT will be fully written some time in June (possibly sooner). Until then, there is always Berry to work on, which will be released at the end of this month. Additionally, WP Trainer may actually rear it’s head if time permits.

-John Havlik

[end of transmission, stay tuned]