Some Fixes

When static front pages were reimplemented in Breadcrumb NavXT 2.1, it seems some things slipped through the cracks. In particular there is a problem with the frontpage breadcrumb, when on the frontpage. This and the options for static front pages were never cleaned up (my bad, I know). Another, relating to a /blog/blog and // error in the hyperlink for some by date archives was reported. Both of these will be fixed in this month’s service release, 2.1.2. For 2.2 support for WPMU will be improved (the administrative interface has problems with it right now), along with a widget. That release is a few months out still.

-John Havlik

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7 thoughts on “Some Fixes

  1. I’m still getting the / / in my breadcrumbs after the upgrade. I have a static front page and a static posts page of /news/. If I go to the news page I only see Home in my breadcrumb. Additionally if I go to a post I get – Home/ /post-title-here. The “/” is my separator. If I look at the code I see a link to the static post page, but the anchor text is empty.

    Am I missing something?

    Great plugin by the way!

  2. Chris,

    It sounds like you are having configuration problems. Also a double separator error is different that the // error, which is a problem in the URL. When linking the current item, as on 2.1.2, as explained in its announcement post, the hyperlink reference field in the anchor tag is kept blank. This command is recognized to mean link to the current page by all browsers. Blank contents of the anchor tag (between the <a> and </a> tags) is the result of either a code failure (bug), or a configuration problem. For static pages to work properly, you must use the WordPress method of static front pages, not using hacks, or plug-ins for the task. To fully diagnose the problem I really need more information on how you are implementing static front pages (and the version of Breadcrumb NavXT that you are using, I like to try to repeat problems on my test bed in my process of fixing bugs).

    -John Havlik

  3. Thanks for the response John. Here is what I have going on.

    I am running WordPress 2.5.1 and NavXT 2.1.2. I used WordPress to create and specify the static page for home and the posts page. I’m using the code below to place the breadcrumbs on all pages. I don’t have the code in my home page template as it is not necessary on that page, but it is on my other templates.

  4. This is fun…
    Anyways, I’m using the function listed under Basic Usage on the instruction page. Feel free to delete my other comments :)

  5. Chris,

    It’s not your fault the <code> tags aren’t working correctly, it’s a WordPress thing (must be a plug-in that fixes it). In comments you have to make sure to use &lt; instead of < otherwise WordPress does stupid things with the comment.

    Anyways, back on topic. In the administrative interface (Settings > Breadcrumb NavXT), check what the value of “Blog Title” is. If it is blank, that’s one way to produce the problem you are getting.

    -John Havlik

  6. I reset everything to false and then returned to the settings below. Everything is fixed now! Here is what I have filled in and/or changed in the admin interface.

    Blog Title – News
    Separator – /
    Static Frontpage – true
    Display Home – true
    Display Home Link – true
    Home Title – Home
    Link Current Item – true

    Everything else is blank.

    Thanks again John!

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