WP Lynx 0.3 Preview

What will become WP Lynx 0.3.0 is feature complete. As with Breadcrumb NavXT, all features scheduled for this release, as stated in Plugin Roadmaps for H1 2011, have been implemented. All that remains is a little work on upgrade hooks. Technically, this is a mtekk_admin class issue, but it will benefit both WP Lynx and Breadcrumb NavXT.

By the end of the week Breadcrumb NavXT will be released to the translation team. The beginning of the release wave is expected to be February 21st, and will end with WP Lynx 0.3.0 on the 25th.

Grab the WP Lynx SVN Trunk version to try out 0.3.0 before it is released.

-John Havlik

[end of transmission, stay tuned]

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