WP Lynx 1.0.0

Presenting WP Lynx 1.0.0, the first major refactoring of WP Lynx. This version prominently features a new Lynx Print adding interface which mimics the new WordPress media manager. In addition to this new interface, the plugin’s internals were reorganized to match the plugin base layout style implemented in modern versions of Breadcrumb NavXT. Also new, WP Lynx now includes minimized script and style files. Lastly, the maximum number of redirects the page scraper will follow is user configurable.

On the bug fix front, this version has code that should prevent instances of Lynx Prints being added within existing Lynx Prints in a post (aka prevents Lynx Printception).

You can grab the latest WP Lynx on the WP Lynx WordPress.org plugin page.

-John Havlik

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3 thoughts on “WP Lynx 1.0.0

  1. Good day John,
    I’m Andrijana from WebHostingGeeks Support. We have found your plugin WP Lynx very interesting and of a significant use for the community. Since I’m of Serbian decent, I’m willing to help people from former Yugoslavia, which now represents six independent countries in Europe, better manage their internet pages by translating your plugin into Serbo-Croatian language.
    Would that be ok with you?
    I hope I’ll hear from you soon.

    Many kind regards,

    Andrijana Nikolic


  2. Dear,
    A few weeks ago, I send you request to translate your plugin. But I didn’t get answer regarding my offer to you. Please let me know if you agree with my proposal.

    Sincerely your,
    Andrijana Nikolic

    • It’s probably easier if you submit a pull request to the WP Lynx project on GitHub. Normally, I’d grant access to my GlotPress install, but it’s somewhat broken (I can’t add new translation projects at the moment). Sorry for taking forever to reply, I’m still trying to catch up with stuff I put off during my spring semester.

      -John Havlik

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