Bug Squashing

A certain reboot day rapidly approaches, and for the first time I am ready. In reality there are dozens of little bugs to fix and tuning to do, but for the most part things are falling into place for the new theme, berry. Right now nothing should be horribly broken, but there are no guarantees. Things happen, and when a theme is built from scratch (or nearly from scratch, currently the comments file is K2’s with modifications) bugs may exist.

Not much will change in appearance on the 1st of May except the application of the official mtekk ‘branding’ (read as the m logo appearing in the header). However, depending on how things go, and open beta may begin for blu-berry. Should the beta not become public on May first do not expect it until the middle of the month as the are a few more pressing projects that need attention.

-John Havlik

[end of transmission, stay tuned]