Cran-Berry Build 100

A little late, but fully functional. School work prevented the intended release date for Cran-Berry. Several styling, and code fixes were implemented which should provide a more uniform experience for most browsers. This includes new code for centering the content on the page, and some other general fixes. This release is not a full ‘stable’ release like a one for Breadcrumb NavXT, but this should be usable for advanced users. In the zip is two folders, one containing the theme, the other containing the modified version of WP-PageNavi. The other two recommended plug-ins should be downloaded from their respective home pages. Naturally, Berry implements support for these plug-ins in a safe manner–not having them will not cause PHP errors or warnings. Upon activation of the plug-ins they will display immediately (in most cases).

To change options, look in the functions.php and there will be a $berry_opts array of options a la Breadcrumb NavXT. These are documented in the source right above the corresponding option. Additionally, the sidebar is WordPress Widget aware.

-John Havlik

[end of transmission, stay tuned]