The Berry Experiment

Originally the concept was to be highly modular, allowing for flashy yet quickly loading design. This concept still has yet to be met, mainly due to a lack of time. Blu-Berry, a rather bastardized version of the vision for Berry, remains the incomplete theme powering this blog. Its introduction was a stop gate measure as WordPress 2.1 had some changes that broke the blog with the theme it replaced. Some have inquired on the link to download the theme. When the time comes Berry will be released to the masses.

Despite the incomplete implementation of the vision, I admire Berry (sounds awkward doesn’t it?). When messing around with a few of the images for the holiday season, with the transparencies and such, the thought crossed my mind about the future of this blog and what it will look like for the majority of next year. Nothing new will surface until the end of April, but a three column layout may not be out of the question. Those ugly “date badges” will receive much needed tweaking.

The crib will undergo some much needed organization in the meantime in preparation for changes present in the next Berry. Its a big task, and between other projects time for doing such things is scarce at best.

-John Havlik

[end of transmission, stay tuned]

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