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Some users of the Breadcrumb NavXT plug-in have noticed that upon trying the enter the administrative interface they are greeted by an error. Earlier version presented a “Bad user, no cookie for you” error, which should only be seen by malicious individuals. As of 2.0.1 this error was refined to letting the user know that part of the WordPress API on their blog is not working correctly. In particular, the get_currentuserinfo() function is malfunctioning. This is due to a shortcoming in WordPress in which the developers have know about and passed off as a plug-in problem since version 2.2. The cause is when WordPress is first installed, the default user that is created is set as an administrator, yet it has no usermeta in the database, hence has no user_level. This problem seems to be resolved by the upgrade functions in WordPress when upgrading from one version to another. Hence, fresh WordPress installs will have this bug, while older/upgraded ones will not. The best solution is to under the Users section and edit the user that is used primarily and make sure administrator is selected under role, then save. That should make the problem go away.

Tom Klingenberg has been working with me to fix some things up with the Breadcrumb NavXT. Our collaborated work will be present in version 2.0.2, which features several bug fixes. Included in 2.0.2 is the official German language file for Breadcrumb NavXT. Other major reworkings of the administrative interface will be included in 2.1.0. For all the users out there that need localization support, it is fully working in 2.0. thanks to the work of Tom. If there are any polyglots out there who could or have translated this plug-in, via the .po/.mo system, and would like their work to be included as part of the official package, leave a comment below. You can take a sneak peak at the 2.0.2 code by clicking the “Breadcrumb NavXT Latest Build” download link, be aware that the version number on this code may be incorrect and some things may be broken.

Lastly, anyone out there still using Breadcrumb Navigation XT of any version, please upgrade to Breadcrumb NavXT soon. On the 19th I will no longer offer any support for Breadcrumb Navigation XT and it’s project page may mysteriously vanish.

-John Havlik

[end of transmission, stay tuned]

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