Breadcrumb NavXT Polylang Extensions 1.5.0

Announcing the immediate availability of Breadcrumb NavXT Polylang Extensions 1.5.0. This version features a few behavior changes from the previous version and improved compatibility with Polylang 2.1+.

Breadcrumb NavXT Polylang Extensions now automatically performs the translation of the Home link (result of get_home_url()) for breadcrumbs. Previously, Breadcrumb NavXT Polylang Extensions did not do this as it was believed to be something Polylang should handle itself for the result of get_home_url().

Additionally, the translation edit field for all Breadcrumb NavXT settings that accept HTML (e.g. breadcrumb templates) was changed to a textarea. Previously, this was a normal text input, which was not user friendly when using BreadcrumbList compliant templates. This change echos recent changes in the Breadcrumb NavXT setting page.

Lastly, due to changes present in Polylang 2.1+, some text elements in Breadcrumb NavXT’s widget did not show up in the strings translations page. This was fixed in Breadcrumb NavXT Polylang Extensions 1.5.0.

Users with valid and activated license keys should receive an update notification within the WordPress dashboard and be able to use the update mechanism to update (just like with any plugin in the repository).

-John Havlik

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Funtoo Plex Media Server Overlay

Both Gentoo and Funtoo provide Plex Media Server within their portage repositories via the plex-media-server ebuild. However, lately, Funtoo’s plex-media-server ebuild within media-kit has fallen behind Plex releases. The quick solution is to use Ghent’s funtoo-plex overlay. With Funtoo moving to kits, local overlays are quite easy to use.

Assuming an install setup per the Funtoo default kits instructions, start by creating a directory for your overlays. Then, clone Ghent’s funtoo-plex overlay:

mkdir /var/git/overlay
cd /var/git/overlay
git clone

At the time of writing, Ghent’s overlay is still configured for a pre-kits setup. Fortunately, migrating to a kits compatible setup is straight forward: open up /var/git/overlay/funtoo-plex/metadata/layout.conf and replace masters = gentoo with masters = core-kit.

The last step is to create /etc/portage/repos.conf/funtoo-plex.conf. Place the following into /etc/portage/repos.conf/funtoo-plex.conf:

main-repo = core-kit

location = /var/git/overlay/funtoo-plex
auto-sync = no
priority = 10

Now, running emerge -av plex-media-server should grab the newer ebuilds from Ghent’s funtoo-plex overlay. Note that you will need to occasionally pull the latest master branch in the repo using git pull origin master from within /var/git/overlay/funtoo-plex/.

-John Havlik

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Breadcrumb NavXT uManager 1.0.0

Introducing Breadcrumb NavXT uManager. This plugin adds support for easily excluding resources (posts and terms) from the breadcrumb trail. Additionally, this plugin adds the option to remove the current item from the breadcrumb trail on every page.


  • Provides metabox for excluding a post (of any post type) from the breadcrumb trail
  • Provides entry in the term editor for excluding a term (of any taxonomy) from the breadcrumb trail
  • Adds submenu to the “Edit” item in the toolbar (admin bar) for toggling the inclusion of the current resource (post or term) from the breadcrumb trail
  • Provides option for removing the current item from the breadcrumb trail on all pages

-John Havlik

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Breadcrumb NavXT LearnDash Extensions 1.0.0

Introducing Breadcrumb NavXT LearnDash Extensions. This plugin improves Breadcrumb NavXT’s support for LearnDash LMS. With Breadcrumb NavXT LearnDash Extensions, Breadcrumb NavXT will generate breadcrumb trails for LearnDash resources with the proper course, lecture and topic relationships.


  • Generates breadcrumb trails with the proper course, lecture, and topic relationships
  • Option to enable/disable display of the current item for only LearnDash resources

-John Havlik

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Breadcrumb NavXT 6.0.4

This is the fourth bug fix release of the 6.0 branch of Breadcrumb NavXT. Two bugs were fixed in this release: both issues that resulted in PHP Notices being generated. One on the page for posts when the display blog breadcrumb option was disabled was fixed. The other, on the archive pages when attachments are set to display in said archive. Additionally, the settings change that required migration in 6.0.0 is now automatically applied to the settings used by bcn_display().

The first issue was due to the massive  reworking of the bcn_breadcrumb_trail class. In the process of making the fill() function pass in the state into the do_* functions, the code handling the inclusion/exclusion of the blog breadcrumb was erroneously partially removed. While this was mostly fixed in 6.0.1, when on the blog page, and when the blog breadcrumb was set to be excluded, PHP Notices were thrown due to improper handling of this situation.

The second issue, as with the first, was due to the reworking of the bcn_breadcrumb_trail class. The call to do_root() in the block that handles archives ends up with a PHP notice due to the root page not being defined for attachments. This only happens when explicitly modifying WordPress’ behavior so that it includes attachments to the results of a wp_query for archives.

In 6.0, the internal name for the hierarchy type and hierarchy display settings was changed to match their actual function (previously they were taxonomy type and taxonomy display). Without migrating the user settings to the new names, the default values will be used by Breadcrumb NavXT. For many users, this is not a problem. However, if either of these settings had been adjusted, the behavior would not match expectations until the user ran the migration routine in the settings page.

As always, you can grab the latest version of Breadcrumb NavXT from the Breadcrumb NavXT page. If you experience any issues with this version of Breadcrumb NavXT, please leave a comment on this post detailing the issue.

-John Havlik

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