Urban Blue

I’ve partially implemented by new WordPress theme. Well, I had it up and was testing it on Saturday night. I know that other pages are broken right now (these are just about every page other than the main page). No need to fret, I know how to fix it for Mozilla Firefox and friends but as for IE 6 I need to do some testing. So bear with me while I work out all of the kinks. I’ll continue to post but the theme may become broken as I tinker with it until it does what I want.

As for the base of the theme, it’s Kubrick. But, I have rewritten about 80% of the code. Not only are the images different, but how they are represented differently since I keep all of my CSS in a .css file. I know that I have to make one more graphic for use in the user comments area, and I’ll get that done ASAP.

-John Havlik

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WordPress 2.0

I installed WordPress 2.0 today, after deleting some important files and having to figure out my database information I finally got it running. I had a temporary ‘Under Construction’ banner up, which is a preview of the skin that I’m working on today. Plan on there being outages later today and possible broken template layout/pages.

I also have this nice little Weblogs.us logo that I made that I’ll share

Weblogs.us Free WordPress Blog HostingSo this is it, 100% transparent PNG in all of it’s glory. Feel free to use this on your weblogs.us hosted WordPress blog. Leave a comment with your blog URL if you decide to use it, and if you wish to critique it just comment on it as well. Just right click and select ‘Save Image As’. Then select the destination on your computer to save it.

I love the backend improvements of WordPress 2.0. The blogging pane is much better. A lot of AJAX went into it and a really cool thing is that one is able to dynamically resize the size of the blog pane. Plus, the need to preview has been reduced since images and formatting can be automatically be displayed.

-John Havlik

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I’ve Been Accepted

Well I was wondering when I’d receive information from the U of M TC. I found a postcard that they sent me a few weeks ago and went online and checked out my application status. To my surprise (Well I knew I’d get accepted, it was just a matter of time.) I was greeted with this message:

Congratulations! You have been admitted to the Institute of Technology. A letter was mailed on November 23, 2005 with additional information and your next steps.

So it looks like I’ll be attending the U of M TC next fall. I haven’t recieved that letter yet though.

-John Havlik

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The Bill Album a gift for the opening of Paris Hilton’s club?

Well I received an e-mail today, even though it was sent on the 21st, which figures since I’ve checked my e-mail only today and I think Monday so yeah. This is the message I received:

I’m seeking Matthew Petty, presumably the author of the Bill Album. I’m seeking his permission to include them in a mix cd to be given out as a party favor at Paris Hilton’s club opening July 4th in Miami.

Thank you


Mark Hopkins
IS Director
name @AACSnet.com

Well I gave him some contact information to get a hold of Petty, but as it turns out Petty and I will be out of town all of next week, well leaving on Sunday, and returning on the second of July. So I guess we’ll have to send permission blindly, but that really doesn’t matter since the Bill Album is a not for profit kind of thingy.

Oh yeah go check out Jmweirick’s blog, it finally has the new skin applied, and is looking good.

-John Havlik

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