Worldwide WordPress 5k 2012


Err, make that a 21.7k. Since I did not see a post about the World Wide WordPress 5k earlier this month, I had assumed it was going to be one of of those “one shot” initiatives. However, today I saw they just moved it to the end of April (to today). Due to this, theĀ MSP WordPress user group did not get together for the WWP5k as we did last year. None-the-less I put in double digits worth of miles weekly again, so I’m going to count Saturday’s 13.4 mile run as my WWP5k run.

Saturday we had some sleet as we left for the run. Luckily, less than 5 minuets into the run we had run out of the rain/sleet and had about 11 very nice miles. During the last 2 miles the wind picked up and the sleet started again.

My goal for next year, other than not forgetting and organizing an run with the MSPWUG, is to get WP Trainer to a more usable state.

-John Havlik

[end of transmission, stay tuned]

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