Anatomy of an Outage – Part 1

From 3:15AM CDT to 6:05PM CDT, on Friday, September 30th, 2011 experienced an outage on one of its servers. It all stemmed from a simple support request, and a very hacky fix implemented back in July (while I was on vacation). This is part one of the story behind the outage, and you can blame me for it.

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Make Teamspeak 3 Use Your QT libs

After upgrading some core files this past week on my laptop, I noticed that Teamspeak 3 no longer would open. I have a desktop icon that calls the script that starts Teamspeak. When I opened up a terminal and tried to run the script, I recieved this error:

ts3client_linux_amd64: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Well, I have libpng 1.4.3 on my laptop, and I’d prefer to not have multiple versions installed. Luckily, the cause of this issue is the QT4 library files that ship with Teamspeak 3. If you have KDE4, like I do, then all you have to do is move these QT files out of the Teamspeak 3 install directory. A quick way to do this is to use the following once you are in the directory where Teamspeak 3’s files are located:

mkdir backup
mv libQt* ./backup/

Now Teamspeak 3 will use your already installed system QT4 library files, and Teamspeak 3 should now work with modern versions of libpng.

-John Havlik

[end of transmission, stay tuned]

Making Firefox and Thunderbird Less Ugly in KDE4

Mozilla uses the GTK for its applications’ GUIs. As every KDE user knows, KDE uses QT (KDE4 uses QT4.x), and GTK applications look ugly in KDE. There are ways of getting GTK applications to look not as bad in KDE (qtCurve). However, these typically are a custom qt theme, which is not what I want (I’d rather skin the few misbehaving applications).

Luckily, for Firefox there is a very good theme called Oxygen KDE. You want version 2.0.1 or newer. It works very well, and applies to any Linux distribution. Thunderbird has something similar, named Oxybird. The original works with Thunderbird 2.x, you’ll want Oxybird 2 for Thunderbird 3.1.x. I have not tried Oxybird with Thunderbird 2.x, so I can not speak for it in that environment, but in Thunderbird 3.1.x it is not as polished and will not give you the same KDE look and feel that Oxygen KDE does for Firefox.

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