Remove the Link in a Breadcrumb

A topic that comes up time to time in support requests is how to unlink a breadcrumb. Typically this is due to having an empty page that exists to facilitate a logical hierarchy. Naturally, linking to this blank page in the breadcrumb trail is not useful. While it is bad form to have a breadcrumb in the breadcrumb trail that is not linked, there is a filter that can facilitate this behavior.

The presented solution is a simplistic example for a single page. However, it can be extended for multiple pages, or taxonomy terms. Finally, rather than being hard-coded, the IDs could come from a post_meta/term_meta field.

The Code

add_filter('bcn_breadcrumb_url', 'my_breadcrumb_url_stripper', 3, 10);
function my_breadcrumb_url_stripper($url, $type, $id)
	if(in_array('post-page', $type) && (int) $id === MYPAGEID)
		$url = NULL;
	return $url;

After placing this code into your site specific plugin, you will need to update one part of it. Just replace MYPAGEID with the ID of the page you want to remove the link to. That’s it. Simple, right?

-John Havlik

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6 Comments Updated:

Breadcrumb NavXT bbPress Extensions 1.1.0

Announcing the immediate availability of Breadcrumb NavXT bbPress Extensions 1.1.0. This version add support for listing the current forum’s breadcrumb when viewing a single topic instance. Additionally, bbPress Extensions will no longer swap out the topics archive breadcrumb for the forums archive breadcrumb when on a topic archive. These two changes facilitate the generation of more accurate, and specific, breadcrumbs for bbPress resources.

You can grab the latest Breadcrumb NavXT bbPress Extensions on the Breadcrumb NavXT bbPress Extensions page. Also, checkout the GitHub repository for Breadcrumb NavXT bbPress Extensions for the latest development builds.

-John Havlik

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WP Lynx 1.1.2

What’s this? Another bugfix release for WP Lynx? That’s right, announcing the immediate availability of the second bug fix release for WP Lynx 1.1. Two bugs were squashed in this release.

In 1.1.1, one of two bugs afflicting the uninstaller was fixed. However, there was still another bug that caused uninstalls to not work, this has been fixed in 1.1.2. And, to ensure this doesn’t slip through the cracks again, unit tests for the uninstaller were generated for this release. Additionally, a bug that caused permission issues when saving settings was fixed in this release.

You can grab the latest WP Lynx on the WP Lynx plugin page.

-John Havlik

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Breadcrumb NavXT Title Trixx 1.1.0

Announcing the immediate availability of Breadcrumb NavXT Title Trixx 1.1.0. This version introduces an alternate title importing feature that takes the slug of existing posts and uses it as the basis of the alternate title. Additionally, this version contains a couple of bug fixes and under-the-hood code organization improvements.

Users with valid and activated license keys should receive an update notification within the WordPress dashboard and be able to use the update mechanism to update (just like with any plugin in the repository).

-John Havlik

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Breadcrumb NavXT 5.4.0

Holy new filters Batman! Breadcrumb NavXT 5.4.0 features several new filters and many bug fixes. Several fixes focus on strings and translations, including the addition of translation context for some strings. Additionally, date format strings for date breadcrumbs are now translatable. Two potential sources for PHP errors/warnings were mitigated. Lastly, the “Your settings are out of date” message no longer appears on fresh installs of Breadcrumb NavXT.

New Filters

Three new filters were added to Breadcrumb NavXT for 5.4.0. These are: bcn_post_terms, bcn_pick_post_term, and bcn_add_post_type_arg.


Previously, it was not easy to to control the number of terms, or what terms, were displayed when the hierarchy for a post was set to a flat taxonomy type. The bcn_post_terms filter provides a method for modifying what terms are displayed in this situation.


For posts belonging to multiple terms from a hierarchical taxonomy, Breadcrumb NavXT has, since 3.0, picked the first term with a parent, or the last term if none of the terms have parents. While this is an efficient method of picking the term, it is not applicable for all use cases. In the past, it was not easy to override this decision. There are ways to influence the selection based on the rule outlined above. But, this was not precise. The bcn_pick_post_term filter allows complete control over what term is selected by Breadcrumb NavXT.


Introduced in Breadcrumb NavXT 5.3.0, the post_type query argument was added to archive URLs when it was determined that the current post type was not the native type for that archive (e.g. for date archives and some taxonomy archives). While this behavior is correct, it may not be desired for every site. In 5.4.0 the bcn_add_post_type_arg filter was added to provide a way to override the decision Breadcrumb NavXT makes in regards to adding the post_type query argument to a URL. See How to Remove post_type From Breadcrumb NavXT URLs for an example of how to use this new filter.

As always, checkout the Breadcrumb NavXT Documentation’s Filter Reference for more details on these filters, and the other filters in Breadcrumb NavXT.


As explained in the Breadcrumb NavXT Translations Moving to Language Packs article, Breadcrumb NavXT has moved away from shipping translations with the plugin. This is the first release to ship without any included translations, all translations are available via language packs, or from the Breadcrumb NavXT Translation Project.

If you would like to contribute to translating Breadcrumb NavXT, please visit the Breadcrumb NavXT Translation Project. A big thanks to all of the translators that have contributed to the translations in the past and continue to contribute.

As always, you can grab the latest version of Breadcrumb NavXT from the Breadcrumb NavXT page. If you experience any issues with this version of Breadcrumb NavXT, please leave a comment on this post detailing the issue.

-John Havlik

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