Moab Trip 2009 “The Plants” Photoset

I’ve finally synchronized my camera’s memory with my laptop and began sorting through the pictures I took on my trip to Moab, Utah in June. Below are some of the better shots of plants in the area. Surprisingly, many of the plants were still green and flowering, or just finished flowering. It’s too bad I don’t have anything better than a Cannon PowerShot SD850 IS with CHDK, getting it to focus on the correct object can be a pain at times (plus there is a caveat with using 4GB SDHC cards (FAT32 format is the culprit) and CHDK where it won’t auto boot).

-John Havlik

[end of transmission, stay tuned]

2 thoughts on “Moab Trip 2009 “The Plants” Photoset

    • The only user script I’ve used for CHDK was a bracketing one, which is on my 1GB microSD card.

      I suppose the comment was directed at the blurriness of some of the images. Two things contributed to that, well actually three but I already mentioned I had issues getting it to focus quickly on the desired object (a general problem with point-n-shoot cameras). The first issue was I was shooting without stabilization assistance, be it software in the camera or bi/tri pod. The second was many times it was quite windy out there. I literally had to stabilize the object that I was trying to shoot half the time (a real pain as shooting became point-n-pray, one of the most uncomfortable conditions ever). At times I wish I had something like a Rebel XSi, but it’s probably more camera than I can use right now .

      -John Havlik

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