Breadcrumb Navigation XT Version 1.8.0

Since the original author of Breadcrumb Navigation XT ran out of time for further development of the WordPress plug-in, I have picked it up. After a few days of coding and working on setting up the code section of this blog, the new version is ready for release. This new version, 1.8.0, includes support for author pages, and limiting the number of categories displayed in the breadcrumb.

Note that beginning with this release the version numbering scheme is to follow the same as WordPress uses, the first digit changes for major changes and as the second runs past 9. The second digit changes with the addition of features, internal structure of the class will not change in with a change in this digit. Finally, the third digit signifies a bugfix to features previously introduced without any added features. The next version, 1.9, is planned for the release of WordPress 2.3 due to the addition of tags into WordPress.

Check out the Breadcrumb NavXT project page to get the latest version.

-John Havlik

[end of transmission, stay tuned]