Gentoo 2005.1 + Old Gateway P3 800 = New Print Server

Yeah, I finally got the thing working. After replacing an IDE cable and the hard drive and still receiving the same error I was getting before I actually looked at what the kernel was trying to do. This lead me to the problem, fixed a simple fstab script—the default script had issues/fillers that I forgot to fix. In particular a /dev/ROOT instead of what should have been /dev/hda3, after fixing that it booted. I go to emerge xorg-x11 and the sourceforge server is having issues so I can’t get some required files. Right now, I’m recompiling my kernel so that it natively supports my Intel 810 integrated graphics, USB mass storage devices, and USB printing. So in about an hour I’ll be able to reboot to the new/custom kernel and then hopefully emerge X11 and KDE so that I get a nice GUI ;) .

-John Havlik

[end of transmission, stay tuned]